The mission of the Division of Professional Regulation is to ensure the protection of the public's health, safety and welfare, by providing administrative and investigative services that benefit the citizens of Delaware, professional licensees, license applicants, other state and national agencies and private organizations.

Professional Regulation provides regulatory oversight for 34 boards/commissions, which are comprised of Governor-appointed public and professional members. The activities of this oversight include administrative, fiscal, and investigative support for 54 professions, trades and events.

Licensure fees fund the division and the expenditures attributed to each licensing board.

Key Objectives

  • Provide assistance to applicants seeking licensure throughout the licensure process.
  • Issue and renew licenses for qualified professionals and business entities.
  • Maintain a licensing database to provide the public with vital licensure information, to notify licensees of renewal periods and continuing education requirements and to assist state and federal agencies in accomplishing their missions.
  • Respond to inquiries from the public, other state and national agencies and private organizations regarding Delaware-licensed professionals.
  • Investigate complaints from the public who are the recipients of the professional services.
  • Partner with the Attorney General's Office to coordinate complaint disposition and disciplinary proceedings in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act.
  • Oversee all board/commission activities to ensure that testing, licensing, disciplinary proceedings, rule-making and other regulatory activities are completed in an efficient manner and in compliance with the Delaware Code and applicable rules and regulations.
  • Assist boards and commissions during the Sunset Committee review process and with compliance of the committee's recommendations.

Key Activities

The number of active licenses averages over 85,000. On average, the division issues over 11,000 licenses to new applicants and renews over 30,000 licenses each year. Each year, the division also receives over 900 complaints and conducts over 600 investigations.