Department of State: Division of Professional Regulation: Combative Sports

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Combative Sports

(302) 744-4500
(302) 739-2711
Mailing address:
Cannon Building,
Suite 203
861 Silver Lake Blvd.
Dover, DE 19904


The Division of Professional Regulation is responsible for regulating combative sports and combative sports entertainment events. The objective of regulation is to protect the health, safety and welfare of current and future participants as well as those who stage, judge and attend the events. To meet this objective, the Division

  • promulgates rules and regulations
  • reviews applications and issues permits
  • assigns agents to attend events for the purpose of enforcing the law and regulations
  • investigates complaints

The Secretary of State or designee has the authority to impose administrative penalties for violations..

The Division issues event permits for amateur and professional boxing, amateur and professional mixed martial arts, and combative sports entertainment.

The Division's statutory authority is in 28 Del. C. Chapter 1.


For information about combative sports event permits, contact:

Jean Betley
Cannon Building, Suite 203
861 Silver Lake Boulevard
Dover, DE 19904-2467
Phone: (302) 744-4513
Fax: (302) 739-2711


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