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Division of
Professional Regulation

Professional Mixed Martial Arts Event

Before Applying for a Permit

Before submitting an application to the Division of Professional Regulation (DPR), take the following actions:

  • Obtain a Designated Agent’s approval for the event date. DPR will not grant the permit without the Designated Agent’s approval. As Delaware does not have a boxing commission, the Designated Agent will be a representative from another jurisdiction that has a boxing commission. To find out which Designated Agent to contact, call or email:
    Jean Betley
    (302) 744-4513
  • Provide the Designated Agent with proof that you have:
    • hired two EMTs, one of whom is a paramedic, with life-saving equipment and life-saving medicines
    • hired one or more Delaware-licensed physicians to conduct pre- and post-fight physicals and to be on-site during and directly after the event
    • hired security personnel to maintain order and provide for safety during and after the event
    • purchased liability insurance per the requirements of the venue.
  • Submit the proposed list of matches to the Designated Agent for his review and approval.

For more information, see Part C of the Rules and Regulations, including Section 20.0.

Applying for a Permit

When you have obtained the Designated Agent’s approval of the event date, submit the Permit application and remaining supporting documentation listed below at least 30 days before the event.

  • Enclose the non-refundable processing fee by check or money order made payable to “State of Delaware.”
  • Submit a copy of insurance cards or other documents covering the scheduled event and each participant.
  • Complete and enclose Bond Form following instructions on the form.
    • The promoter is required to post a bond in the amount not less than $10,000.
    • The surety company must be authorized to do business in Delaware.
  • Send the application, fee and supporting documentation to the address below.

Division of Professional Regulation

Attention: Combative Sports

Cannon Building, Suite 203

861 Silver Lake Blvd.

Dover DE 19904

During the Event (Part C of the Rules and Regulations)

Representatives of the Division of Professional Regulation will be present during the event.
You are required to make the following supplies available at the event:

  • Fight gloves (new, no less than 4-oz., approved by the Division’s designated agent)
  • Duct tape
  • Gauze (one-inch width) and adhesive (one-inch width) for fighter wraps
  • Disposable gloves for corner persons
  • Water for all fighters and officials
  • Clean water buckets
  • Stools for both corners
  • Hand sanitizer at the equipment table

For more information, see Part C of the Rules and Regulations, including Sections 3.0, 7.0, 18.0 and 20.0.

You must reimburse the sanctioning organization for any random drug testing conducted on-site that it deems necessary.

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