These instructions apply only to Advanced Practice Nurses.

General Information

  • If you don’t already have prescriptive authority when you file this CSR application, you should receive your CSR 3-4 weeks after your prescriptive authority is approved. Please allow the 3-4 weeks to elapse before calling the office.
  • Your Delaware CSR certificate and all CSR-related correspondence must be mailed to the same address as your APN license.
  • You need a Delaware CSR to prescribe or to store/dispense controlled substances in Delaware.  Even if you have a CSR or DEA registration in another jurisdiction, you still need a Delaware CSR to prescribe or to store/dispense controlled substances in Delaware.
  • You need only one Delaware CSR to prescribe controlled substances in Delaware even if you prescribe controlled substances at more than one Delaware business/practice or more than one location of a business/practice. However, every Delaware location where controlled substances are dispensed/stored must be covered by a CSR. If no other practitioner (e.g., physician), physician assistant or APN holds a Delaware CSR for a location where you will store/dispense , as well as prescribe, controlled substances, you must file for an additional CSR for the location in Question 13 of this application.
  • When your Delaware CSR is approved, you must file for a federal DEA registration for Delaware. You must have both a Delaware CSR and DEA registration for Delaware before prescribing controlled substances in Delaware.  A DEA registration in another jurisdiction is not sufficient for prescribing controlled substances in Delaware.
  • Delaware law prohibits, with few exceptions, prescribing of controlled substances to patients in Delaware via the internet or telemedicine. You may contact the Office of Controlled Substances if you wish to discuss this matter.

Requirements for All Applicants

  • Enclose processing fee by check or money order made payable to “State of Delaware.” The total fee depends on how many controlled substance registrations you are applying for. Multiply the fee on the Fee Schedule by the number of registrations applied for in Question 2 of the application (not the controlled substance schedule in Question 6).
  • Arrange for your collaborator(s) to complete and sign the boxes in the PRACTICE AND COLLABORATIVE AGREEMENTS section.
  • Complete the one-hour Mandatory Course training on Delaware law, regulation and programs on prescribing and distribution of controlled substances.

Reporting Collaborative Agreement Changes

  • If your collaborative agreement terminates, your CSR becomes null and void.  You must notify the Office of Controlled Substances and return your certificate.
  • If you enter into a new or additional collaborative agreement, you must file a Collaborative Agreement Information for Advanced Practice Nurses form. For example, if you already hold a Delaware CSR and you take a second job at another Delaware practice where you will prescribe controlled substances, you must report your collaborative agreement at the new job even though you do not need another Delaware CSR in this situation.