Department of State: Division of Professional Regulation: Board of Clinical Social Work Examiners

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License by Examination

When to Apply by Examination

Apply by examination if you:

  • are applying for approval to take the national clinical social work licensing examination, or
  • have already passed the national clinical social work licensing examination but you do not hold a current, clinical social work license in another state.

If you have passed the exam and hold a current, clinical social work license in another state, apply by reciprocity.

How to Apply

  • Submit completed, signed and notarized application form.
  • Enclose processing fee by check or money order payable to the “State of Delaware.”
  • Arrange for your supervisor to complete and sign the Supervisory Reference Form included in the packet. Your supervisor must send it directly to the Board.
    • The form must clearly show the number of post-MSW degree clinical social work hours.
    • The clinical experience must consist of at least 3200 hours, of which 1600 must be under professional supervision acceptable to the Board.
    • The supervisor(s) must be a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), master of social work (MSW), licensed psychologist, or a licensed psychiatrist.
  • If you have ever held a social work license in another state, submit verification of licensure in good standing from each state where you have held a license, sent directly to the Board office from the other state. A Verification of Licensure form is included with the application.
  • Arrange for your college or university to send an official transcript of your completed Masters degree directly to the Board office. The college or university must be accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (
  • If you have already taken and passed the ASWB clinical examination, request ASWB to send a certified statement of your passing score on the examination to the Board office. To request the score report, visit
  • If you have not passed the examination, the Board office will notify you when you are approved to take the exam. You must then register for the examination. For more information about the examination, visit
    • When you are approved to sit for the examination, you have two years from the date of your application to pass. If you have not yet passed when the two years elapse, you must re-apply.
    • When the Board office receives the passing exam scores from ASWB, your license will be issued.


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