Welcome to the Division of Professional Regulation's website. I am proud of the services this division provides the citizens of Delaware, as well as our national and international customers. My vision for the agency is that it becomes the most efficient, customer-friendly, and technology-based agency in Delaware's state government.

Values govern the way the Division of Professional Regulation (DPR) serves and secures the trust of its own employees and the citizens of Delaware, as well as its national and international customers. The Division's values are grounded in the assurance of the delivery of high quality services by professionals licensed in our state, and the agency bases its policies and actions on such values. The Division is committed to working with other governmental and private organizations, the regulatory boards and commissions and the citizens of Delaware in an open, cooperative atmosphere that is characterized by the following:

Integrity: DPR and its employees value and practice intellectual honesty, candor and trust.

Professionalism: DPR's professional competence is characterized by technical accomplishment, creativity, accountability, a strong code of ethics and teamwork.

Service: DPR's employees are committed to carrying out the agency's mission and are responsible for providing quality customer service to the public.

People: DPR holds its employees, partners and the public in high esteem and acknowledges the views and contributions of each of these groups to the agency's mission.

Our web-site offers a variety of information about the professional boards/commissions, as well as applications, licensure requirements, laws and regulations. We hope you find the information useful. If you like what's on our web-site or think we need to enhance the quality of the information we currently have, please feel free to contact us using our feedback form.

Thank you for visiting our Division's website!