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Professional Regulation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for licensure? Do you have reciprocity? How long does the licensure process take? How much does it cost? Answers   How do I apply for licensure? Answer: You must apply as an Apprentice Pilot. For requirements, see Apprentice Pilot.   Do you have reciprocity? Answer: No. Delaware does not have reciprocity.   […]

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Fee Schedule

Processing Fees for License Applications Submit the processing fee with the application form. Applications submitted without the processing fee will be rejected. Make the check or money order payable to the “State of Delaware.” Cash is not accepted. Processing fees are non-refundable. Pilot (All Classes) – $145   Other Fees Renewal/Advancement Fee – You are […]

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Apprentice Pilot   Upgrade Forms The upgrade application, the Application to Advance from Pilot License Class to Higher Class, will be mailed to you. Squat Certification   Other Merchant Mariner Physical Examination Report

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License Renewal and Advancement

Delaware Professional Regulation – Board of Pilot Commissioners – Licensure Requirements

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Board of Pilot Commissioners

Delaware Professional Regulation,Board of Pilot Commissioners, river boat

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Apprentice Pilot

When Apprentice Openings are Advertised The Board advertises openings and accepts applications for Apprentice Pilots according to the needs of commerce and interests of public safety. Openings will be advertised in two newspapers of general circulation for at least one week. Advancement After you serve in each class for one year, you may apply to […]

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