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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the application prerequisites? What if I don’t live in Delaware? Do I have to be a lawyer? Do I have to know Delaware law? What if I can’t take the exam on the designated date? What should I study for the test? How will my exam results be used? Do I have to […]

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  The Magistrate (Justice of the Peace) Application below includes State of Delaware Judicial Branch Non-Merit Employment Application – Magistrate Screening and the Justice of the Peace Questionnaire.  Application for Justice of the Peace (Magistrate)

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Justice of the Peace (Magistrate) Job Description

(This description is not all inclusive and is only intended to provide general guidance.)  Basic Requirements Justices of the Peace normally work five 8-hour shifts (with a lunch break) each week, including nights, weekends and holidays (but many may work more, as is required to cover courts). Shifts are normally 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., […]

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Magistrate Application and Screening Process

  Overview Justices of the Peace (Magistrates) are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Delaware Senate. The Governor’s Magistrate Screening Committee screens applicants who wish to be considered for possible appointment. The first step in the process is to submit an application. Applicants must reside in Delaware. All applicants who previously applied must […]

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Magistrate Screening

  Justice of the Peace (Magistrates) are appointed by the Governor of Delaware and confirmed by the Delaware Senate.  The Governor’s Magistrate Screening Committee screens persons who are interested in being considered for possible appointment as Justices of the Peace.  

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