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Division of
Professional Regulation

Fee Schedule

Fees for License Applications

Application fees and other miscellaneous fees for this profession are listed below. All fees are now securely processed in DELPROS (Delaware Professional Regulation Online Services). DELPROS has a shopping cart concept, which conveniently allows you to pay for your applications and services at one time or individually with a credit or debit card. You are also able to delegate a payment to have a 3rd party pay for you.

Do not send cash, checks, or money order payments to the Division by mail.

All processing fees are non-refundable.


Physician Controlled Substance Registration $189
Physician Assistant Controlled Substance Registration $189
Podiatrist Controlled Substance Registration $189
Dentist Controlled Substance Registration $189
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Controlled Substance Registration $189
Optometrist Controlled Substance Registration $189
Veterinarian Controlled Substance Registration $189
Researcher/Lab Controlled Substance Registration $189
Pharmacy Controlled Substance Registration $189
Provider Pharmacy Controlled Substance Registration $189
Hospital/Clinic Controlled Substance Registration $283
Exempt Official Controlled Substance Registration $155
Other Controlled Substance Registration $189
Distributor/Manufacturer Controlled Substance Registration $1070
Renewal Fee – You are notified of the amount of the renewal fee at the time of renewal. All renewals require a renewal fee. When you submit a renewal application after the expiration date, you must pay a late fee in addition to the renewal fee. The late fee is 50% of the renewal fee.

Other Fees

A Service Request (SR) is a new way to submit updates or requests to your application or license. All SR’s are submitted and paid for on your personal user account in DELPROS, but not all SR’s have a fee.  For detailed information on how to submit a SR, see Service Request.


SR – Request for Roster $45
SR – Verification of Licensure- Exempt Official CSR Only  (Active & Probation status only) $25
SR – Verification of Licensure $35
SR – Verification of Licensure with Exam Scores/Hours/History $45

Questions About Fees?

Please contact the Division of Professional Regulation –

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