Division of
Professional Regulation

Fee Schedule

Processing Fees for License Applications

Submit the processing fee for the type of license application you are filing with the application form. Applications submitted without the processing fee will be rejected. Make the check or money order payable to the “State of Delaware.” Cash is not accepted. Processing fees are non-refundable.

Instant or Sealed Games – $321 per year

Bingo Event – $15 per event date

Charitable Gaming Event – $15 per event date

Charitable Gaming Vendor – $400

Raffle – Single Drawing Date – $15

Raffle – Daily Drawings for One Month (lottery-based) – $15 per month

Raffle – Periodic Drawings (not to exceed six months) – $15 per event date

Texas Hold’em Individual – $15

Texas Hold’em Tournament – $250 per event date


Other Fees

Instant or Sealed Games Renewal Fee – $321. For information on renewals, see Instant or Sealed Games.

Texas Hold’em Individual – You are notified of the amount of the renewal fee at the time of renewal. For information on renewals, see Texas Hold’em Individual.

Written License Verification – See Request Verification.

Roster Fee – See Request License Roster.



Please contact the Board office – – with any questions about fees.

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