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Professional Regulation

Medical Records Fees

The fees that a practice may charge Delaware patients for copies of the patient’s medical records are limited by a rule that was effective November 11, 2009. The fee limits apply regardless of whether the practice provides the copies directly to the patient or to another physician.  The limits also apply to both electronic and paper copies.

  • $2.00 per page for pages 1-10
  • $1.00 per page for pages 11-20
  • $0.90 per page for pages 21-60
  • $0.50 per page for pages 61 and above

In addition to the fees above, practices may charge the following:

  • When the records are mailed, practices may charge the actual cost of postage or shipping.
  • When the type of record requested cannot be photocopied (such as radiology films or fetal monitoring strips), practices may charge the cost of reproducing the records.

Practices may require payment of all costs in advance of releasing the records except for records related to an application for a disability benefits program.

For more information, see Section 16.0 of the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline.

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