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Prescriptive Authority

General Information

To prescribe non-controlled substances in Delaware, you must have prescriptive authority as well as APRN licensure. The APRN application asks whether you are also applying for prescriptive authority. You may apply for prescriptive authority at the same time as you apply for APRN licensure or later on.

Prescriptive authority alone does not allow you to prescribe controlled substances in Delaware. See the Important Information about Prescribing Controlled Substances section below.



These are the requirements to receive prescriptive authority at the same time as your APRN license.

  • Answer “yes” to Question 2 on the Application for Licensure as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. There is no additional fee to apply for prescriptive authority.
  • Your APRN program official transcript must clearly show that you have completed academic courses in all of these:
    • advanced health assessment
    • diagnosis and management of problems within your clinical specialty
    • advanced pathophysiology
    • advanced pharmacology/pharmacotherapeutics

    If the transcript doesn’t clearly show this coursework, the Board office will contact you for further documentation.

Important Information about Prescribing Controlled Substances

If you receive prescriptive authority, you may prescribe only non-controlled substances. To prescribe controlled substances in Delaware, you must have all of the following:

  • Delaware APRN license with prescriptive authority
  • Delaware CSR
  • Federal DEA registration for Delaware (a DEA registration in another jurisdiction is not sufficient)

If you practice at more than one business/practice, you need only a single CSR to prescribe at all of the locations. However,  every Delaware location where controlled substances are dispensed/stored must be covered by a CSR. If no other practitioner (e.g., physician), physician assistant or APRN holds a Delaware CSR for a location where you will store/dispense, as well as prescribe, controlled substances, you must file for an additional CSR for the location.

To apply for a CSR(s), see Controlled Substances Registration – Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. For Federal DEA registration, see DEA New Registration Applications.

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