Division of
Professional Regulation

Temporary APRN Permit

When to File

File the Application for Temporary Permit for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse form ONLY IF you have already filed or you are simultaneously filing an application for a Delaware Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) license.


General Information

A Temporary APRN Permit allows you to practice as an APRN in Delaware until your APRN license is issued.

  • Delaware temporary permits are not valid for work in any other jurisdiction.
  • If you are not yet nationally certified, you must be supervised while working under a temporary permit.
  • If you meet all requirements for prescriptive authority, including national certification, you will have prescriptive authority while practicing under a temporary permit.  However, if you are not yet nationally certified, you will not have prescriptive authority while practicing under the temporary permit. See Prescriptive Authority.
  • If you have practiced as an APRN less than two years or fewer than 4,000 hours, you must have a collaborative agreement to practice as an APRN in Delaware, including practice under a temporary permit.
  • If you fail your national certifying examination, your temporary permit will terminate immediately. You may petition the Board for an extension. See Section of the Board’s Rules and Regulations.


Requirements for a Temporary APRN Permit

  • Enclose the non-refundable temporary permit fee by check or money order made payable to “State of Delaware.” Applications without this processing fee will be rejected.
    • If submitted without this processing fee, your application will be rejected.
    • Even if your application is not approved, the processing fee will not be refunded.
  • Enclose a copy of your original certification document or current re-certification card.
    • If you are not yet certified, request the certifying organization to submit a letter verifying your eligibility to take the examination.
  • If you have practiced less than two years or fewer than 4,000 hours and you did not submit a Collaborative Agreement in connection with your APRN application, submit a Report of Collaborative Agreement Change form.

In addition to the requirements above, the Board office must receive your State of Delaware and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal history report before issuing the temporary permit. The instructions and form you need are included with the license application.

The Board office will issue your temporary permit within seven business days of of receiving all required information. To verify when it is issued, see Search & Verify a Professional License. We will mail the permit to you. You cannot pick it up at our office. The permit expires 90 days from issuance. However, if you are not yet certified and you fail the certifying examination, the permit terminates immediately.

Do not begin employment until you are assigned a temporary permit number.

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