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Preceptor Responsibilities

The experience an Administrator-In-Training (AIT) gains during the Board-approved AIT program should immerse the AIT in the practice of nursing home administration and operations on a day-to-day basis. Your role as a preceptor is vital to the success of the AIT program and to the training of potential Nursing Home Administrators in Delaware.


Progress Reports

The Board relies on your detailed Progress Reports—including not only the checklist items but also the written comments from both you and the AIT—to document the trainee’s gradual progression through the training period. The Board uses the progress reports to evaluate the training and ultimately the successful completion of the AIT’s Board-approved outline.

You are required to submit progress reports to the Board office every three months during the AIT training period. A final progress report is due at the conclusion of the AIT program.


Supervised Training Period

You must continue supervised training of the AIT for the entire duration of the AIT program, regardless of whether or not the AIT’s outline has been fulfilled. For example, if the Board approves an AIT applicant for a 9-month AIT program to begin on May 15, 2017, the preceptor’s supervised training of the AIT must continue through February 15, 2018 even if all items on the AIT’s training outline have been satisfied before the 9-month period expires.


Extension Requests

If an unforeseen extenuating circumstance (such as hospitalization or family death) occurs during the AIT program period, the Board may consider a request to extend the training period. However, it is strongly advised that the AIT’s training continue uninterrupted if at all possible. If a substantial loss of time occurs during the AIT program, regardless of the reason, the Board may require that the AIT program be repeated in its entirety.


Law and Regulations Pertaining to Preceptors

For more information on the responsibilities of AIT preceptors, review 24 Del. C. § 5210 (c) in the Board’s License Law and Section 3.0 in the Board’s Rules and Regulations.

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