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Intern – U.S. School

When to Register as an Intern

File this application form to register as a Delaware Pharmacist Intern if you:

  • are in at least the first professional year of the pharmacy curriculum or have graduated from an accredited school or college of pharmacy in the U.S., and
  • wish to work in a Delaware Pharmacy to attain required hours of pre-licensure experience.

If you graduated from school or college of pharmacy outside the U.S., file the Application for Registration of Internship-Foreign School form instead.

If you have graduated and wish to take the NAPLEX, you must also submit an Application for Pharmacist Licensure by Examination or Score Transfer form.


Internship Program

To be licensed as a Pharmacist in Delaware, you must provide proof that you have completed 1,500 hours of pre-licensure experience. The 1500 hours may include any combination of the following:

  • practicum hours you complete during or after your first professional year in your school or college of pharmacy while under supervision of a pharmacist preceptor affiliated with the school or college
  • internship hours transferred from another jurisdiction(s) where you worked under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist preceptor
  • internship hours you work in a Delaware pharmacy under supervision of a Delaware-licensed pharmacist preceptor.

To work as an Intern in a Delaware pharmacy, you must select a Delaware-licensed pharmacist as your preceptor.

  • The preceptor must agree to provide you with the experience outlined in the Board’s Practical Experience Program.
  • When you complete your internship hours or end your relationship with a preceptor, the preceptor must submit the completed Affidavit of Intern Experience form.
  • If your preceptor changes, the new preceptor must submit a new Affidavit of Preceptor form within ten calendar days of the change.

For information on the internship program, read the Practical Experience Program for Pharmacy Preceptors and Interns.


Requirements for All Applications

The following items are required of all applicants. All auxiliary forms that you may need are included with the application.

  • Enclose the non-refundable processing fee by check or money order made payable to “State of Delaware.”
  • Arrange for the Board office to receive a Certificate of Class Standing form, sent directly from your school or college of pharmacy.
  • Arrange for the Board office to receive the signed, notarized Affidavit of Preceptor form, sent directly from your preceptor to the Board office.

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