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Data Uploader Registration

Who Must Register as a Data Uploader

Registering as a data uploader enables a facility or practitioner that holds a Delaware controlled substance registration (CSR) to report to the Delaware PMP on controlled substances (Schedules II-V) that are dispensed to a patient.  You must register only if you are required to report to the Delaware PMP as explained below.


Who Must Report to the Delaware PMP

A facility must report unless it is a(n):

  • licensed healthcare facility pharmacy dispensing controlled substances only to inpatients of the facility, or
  • emergency department dispensing controlled substances only for emergency use

A practitioner other than a veterinarian must report if he or she dispenses a 72-hour supply of controlled substances. A practitioner is not allowed to dispense more than a 72-hour supply (16 Del. C. §4739A).

  • Veterinarians are not required to report controlled substances they dispense for veterinary use and are not limited to dispensing a 72-hour supply.

Frequency of Reporting

If a facility dispenses controlled substances, the facility must upload a daily report.

If a facility does not stock or dispense controlled substances, the facility may upload a weekly “zero report” or relinquish its Delaware CSR.  To relinquish the CSR, notify the Office of Controlled Substances in writing.  When the facility’s CSR has terminated, the facility may stop uploading zero reports.

If a practitioner dispenses controlled substances, he or she must upload a report on the same day. A practitioner who does not dispense controlled substances on a given day is not required to upload a report on that day.

Creating an Account

Before you can upload data to the PMP, you must create an account. First, you login with a temporary Username and Password shown below. Then, follow the instructions to Setup Upload Account. For more information, see the Uploader Guide.


To begin, click the link below and enter the Username and Password shown.

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