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Division of
Professional Regulation

Speech / Language Pathology Licensure

Ways to Apply for Licensure

If you need to complete your Clinical Fellowship (CF) for CCC-SLP Certification from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA), then you must apply for a temporary license to complete your CF.

You may apply for full licensure in Delaware as a Speech/Language Pathologist by…

  • certification when you hold current CCC-SLP ASHA certification, even if you hold an active license in another jurisdiction (state, U.S. territory or District of Columbia), or
  • reciprocity when you hold an active license in another jurisdiction AND do not hold current CCC-SLP ASHA certification but completed your CF.

Information on How to Apply for a License in DELPROS

All applications are submitted our online system DELPROS. We no longer accept paper applications.


In order to apply for a license or submit a service request, you must first have a DELPROS user account. To LOG IN or CREATE a DELPROS (Delaware Professional Regulation Online Services) user account:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click GO on the Apply/Manage a License and Service Requests tile.
  3. If you do not have a DELPROS user account, click the REGISTER button on the left side of page for NEW USERS.
  4. If you already have a DELPROS user account, enter your email address and password on the right side for EXISTING USERS and click the LOGIN button.

DELPROS allows you to save your incomplete application and return to it later to finish the process. You only have six (6) months to submit your application once you begin.

  • If you do not submit your application within six months of starting it, you will be required to restart the entire online application again.

You may check the status of your application online throughout the entire application process by using the “View Application Status” feature in DELPROS on your e-License dashboard.


  1. Know the requirements for the license you are pursuing.
  2. Request and gather all documents required to upload on the Attachments page. All information and forms are located on your profession’s webpages.


On the ATTACHMENTS page of your application, you may be instructed to:

  • either “attach” or “upload” the required document(s) directly to your application. This means you will find the document(s) saved on your computer or device and upload it to your application.
  • click “acknowledge.” This means you will either have to mail the documents yourself or request the “third-party” mail the document(s) directly to the Board office.
    • Examples of “third-party forms” are transcripts from schools, employment verifications from a supervisor, and license verifications from another state.
  • Forms requiring a supervisor signature, seal, or notary may have to be MAILED to the Board office directly UNLESS the document specifically indicates to UPLOAD the document.

The requirements for this license type are provided in the following section(s).

Requirements for All Applicants

The following requirements apply to all applicants regardless of whether applying for a permanent or temporary license. In addition to submitting the application and fee in DELPROS, you must submit:

  • State/Jurisdiction Licensure Verification sent directly to the Board office from each state or jurisdiction in which you currently hold or have ever held a license.
  • A State of Delaware and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal background check (CBC). Go to the Criminal Background Check Process page to find the Service Code required to obtain a State of Delaware and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal background check. Once you have your Service Code, you will be directed to the IdentoGO website for instructions to complete the fingerprinting process.
    • Criminal background checks completed for any other purpose (e.g., employment, licensure in other states) will not meet this requirement.

Additional Requirements for Certification Applicants

If you are applying for a  license by Certification, the following item is also required in addition to the items above:

  • a copy of your current CCC-SLP ASHA certification card.

Additional Requirements for Reciprocity Applicants

You must submit the following items in addition to those in the Requirements for All Applicants section above.

Note: If you hold current ASHA certification, apply by ASHA Certification rather than reciprocity even if you hold a current license in another jurisdiction.

The states/jurisdictions listed below have already been determined by the Board to have substantially similar licensure standards to those of Delaware. If you are currently licensed in at least one of those states, there are no other requirements other than what is listed in the Requirements for All Applicants section above.

States that have been determined to be substantially similar to Delaware:

Alaska Arkansas Connecticut District of Columbia
Hawaii Kansas Louisiana Maryland
Massachusetts Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana New Jersey New Mexico New York
North Dakota Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island
Texas Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

If the jurisdiction where you currently hold a license is not listed above, the Board must consider your years of practice as a Speech/Language Pathologist.

  • If you have practiced at least five years in that one jurisdiction, you must submit a notarized letter from your supervisor from each employer where you practiced in that jurisdiction verifying a total of five years of practice.
  • If you have not practiced at least five years in that one jurisdiction, you must submit copies of the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction where you hold a current license and the Board must determine if your jurisdiction’s standards are similar to Delaware’s. If the Board determines that you do not have five years of practice experience and your current state of licensure is determined to not be substantially similar to Delaware, you may not apply by reciprocity.

Additional Requirements for Temporary Applicants

If you are applying for a Temporary license, the following items are also required in addition to the items above. The temporary license is good for one year, during which you should complete your CF and pass the national examination. You must submit:

  • An official transcript from an accredited college or university, sent directly from the school to the Board office.
    • The transcript must show that you earned at least a master’s degree or its equivalent with a major emphasis in speech-language pathology, communication disorders, or speech-language and hearing science.
    • If the final transcript showing your degree is not yet available, arrange for the Board office to receive a letter from a school official attesting to the degree that you will receive. The Board office will not issue the temporary license until it receives the final transcript.
  • A letter from your practicum supervisor proving that you completed of at least 400 clock hours of supervised clinical practicum at the appropriate level. See Sections 2.2 and of the Board’s Rules and Regulations.
  • A signed, completed Clinical Fellowship Plan form.
    • Your clinical supervisor must be a Delaware-licensed Speech/Language Pathologist.
    • Do not begin your Clinical Fellowship until your temporary license is issued.

Requesting Extensions for Temporary Licenses

A temporary license is valid for one year from the date of issuance. Your extension request should be submitted at least 60 days before the license expiration date. You must have taken the examination at least once before you submit the request.

Your temporary license can be extended up to 3 times for a maximum of 48 months. The Board must approve any extension of the temporary license.

To request an extension of your temporary license, follow the below steps to submit a Service Request:

  • Log in to your DELPROS dashboard.
  • Click on SERVICE REQUEST in the blue navigation bar at the top of your screen.
  • Follow the screen prompts to select the “Request Temporary License Extension” service request type.


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