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Frequently Asked Licensing Questions

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Question: Why does the Division of Professional Regulation (DPR) only send communications by email?

Answer: Email is the fastest, most environmentally-friendly, and most cost-effective way to send you important information.


Question:  What kind of communications does DPR send by email?

Answer: DPR sends many kinds of license-related correspondence by email.  Examples include:

  • Application Receipt – advises you that we have received your license application and gives you information about checking the status of your application
  • Audit Notices – notifies you that you have been selected for a mandatory audit of your required continuing education
  • License Issuance – explains important information about your newly issued license, including your reporting responsibilities, the renewal process and any continuing education required
  • Renewal Notices – alerts you to the upcoming renewal of your license
  • Expiration Notices – warns you that your license has expired and it is not legal to continue practicing
  • Notifications – explains issues with your application or license that needs your attention
  • Mass Communications – alerts you to changes, such as in the law or rules for your profession, and how the changes impact you.


Question: Will my professional license be emailed to me?

Answer: No. DELPROS, our online services portal, conveniently allows you to print your license at home or work. You may print as many copies as you need.


How do I change my name, address, email, or other contact information on my license record?

Answer: To change your name on your account outside of the renewal period, you must submit a Service Request on the dark blue banner in your DELPROS Dashboard. Here, you can upload a legal document showing the change (e.g., copy of a marriage certificate, divorce decree). During the renewal period, you can answer “yes” to the question when asked if you need to change your name and upload your legal name change documentation to your renewal application.

For instructions on how to change all other contact information on your personal and/or facility’s profile, click on change contact information.


Question: What if I don’t have an email address?

Answer:  To receive communications from DPR, you must create an email address. Most Internet Service Providers offer free email addresses. We urge you to use a personal, not work, email address for correspondence from DPR.  Similarly, it’s not a good idea to use an email address that you share with other people.


Question: Will DPR give out my personal email to anyone?

Answer:  Your email is considered private data, not public, and we will not disclose it. However, other state agencies, besides DPR, may use the email address to send a mass communication in connection with other state business.


Question: I have an email address on my license record, but I haven’t received any emails from DPR. Why?

Answer: If you think you missed a communication about your professional license, take these precautions:

  1. Verify that DPR has the correct email address for you on file. In order to verify your information, you must have a DELPROS account. If you do not have an account in DELPROS yet, create one by clicking on the Apply/Manage a License and Service Requests tile on the home page. Then login using your user id and password.  Once logged in, click on the Manage Profile link under the head in the right hand corner of the dark blue banner.  Follow the instructions on the left hand side of the page to verify or update your contact information.
  2. Check your Spam or Junk folders to see if there are emails from addresses that end Sometimes email providers block State emails and categorize them as Junk or Spam.  If you find an email from DPR, click “Never Block Sender’s Domain” to stop future emails from being routed to Spam or Junk.
  3. You can also ensure that your email provider doesn’t block DPR emails by marking the following addresses as safe:, and

If you have any questions, contact Customer Service by phone at 302-744-4500 or by email at


Question: The application I am filing requires me to obtain State of Delaware and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal background checks. I am outside the United States. How do I submit my fingerprints to obtain the criminal background checks?

Answer: Follow the detailed instructions for Applicants Not in Delaware on the Criminal History Record Check Authorization form.


Question: The agency I work for will pay my application fee(s). How can the agency pay for my application(s)?

Answer: See Delegating Payment.


Question: Where to send license verifications from other states?

Electronic directly from the jurisdiction:
Email license verifications to

By Mail directly from the jurisdiction:
Delaware Division of Professional Regulation
861 Silver Lake Blvd, Suite 203
Dover, DE 19904


Question: Where to send official transcripts from a high school or college/university?

Electronic directly from the jurisdiction:
Email transcripts to

By Mail directly from the jurisdiction:
Delaware Division of Professional Regulation
861 Silver Lake Blvd, Suite 203
Dover, DE 19904

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