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Division of
Professional Regulation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do for continuing education? What are the building requirements for a new pharmacy located in Delaware? Do I need to reapply for a new license if there is a controlling interest change in ownership of a pharmacy? What do I need to do to close a pharmacy? What are the […]

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Board Members

Ruth Dixon, R.Ph., President Kent County Mark Freebery, PharmD,Vice-President Sussex County Nicholas Juliano, PharmD New Castle County Joshua Coffield, PharmD, Sussex County Solomon Ezambakwe, PharmD Kent County Lisa Flaherty, PharmD New Castle County Gayle MacAfee, Public Member Kent County Emery Jackson, Public Member Sussex County Lakeisha Cunningham, Public Member New Castle County

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License Renewal

Information About Renewals Pharmacist licenses and Pharmacy permits expire on September 30 of even years (e.g., 2020, 2022). A few months before the expiration date of your license, a renewal notice will be sent to the email address on the record. This notice will explain how to access your online renewal application in DELPROS, our […]

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Disposing of Unused Medication

Guidelines for Drug Disposal The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), working with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), developed the first consumer guidance on proper disposal of prescription drugs. The guidelines were issued in February 2007. To view the guidelines, click How to Dispose of Unused Medicines.

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Fee Schedule

Fees for License Applications Application fees and other miscellaneous fees for this profession are listed below. All fees are now securely processed in DELPROS (Delaware Professional Regulation Online Services). DELPROS has a shopping cart concept, which conveniently allows you to pay for your applications and services at one time or individually with a credit or […]

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Delaware Board of Pharmacy Newsletters are published quarterly. The Division of Professional Regulation will notify Delaware-licensed pharmacists who have an email address on file when new Newsletters are available on this site. Please keep your contact information in our records up-to-date so that the email notices we send will reach you. To check and update […]

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Outsourcing Facility Permit

When to Apply A facility that holds, or has applied for, a Delaware In-State or Non-Resident Pharmacy license or a Delaware Distributor license must also hold a Delaware Outsourcing Facility permit when the facility: compounds sterile drugs without a prescription, and distributes the compounded drugs to Delaware. The facility must comply with the requirements of […]

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Applications and requests for services (referred to as Service Requests) are processed in DELPROS, our online licensing portal. DELPROS provides you with instructions for submitting the forms required to complete a license application or service request. The submission method depends on the type of form. Some forms you can upload directly to your application or […]

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Medical Gas Dispenser License

When to Apply A Medical Gas Dispenser is a facility that sells medical gases directly to patients in Delaware. However, if you are a facility that distributes medical gases to other facilities authorized to possess medical gases—instead of selling directly to patients, you should submit the Distributor (Pharmacy-Wholesale) application in DELPROS, our online professional licensing […]

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Distributor License (Pharmacy-Wholesale)

When to Apply The application for a Pharmacy-Wholesale Permit is for facilities that: distribute the following on a wholesale basis: drugs, toilet preparations, dentifrices, and cosmetics to persons other than the ultimate consumer (24 Del. C. §§2540), OR medical gases to other facilities authorized to possess medical gases, OR provide or coordinate warehousing or other […]

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