Division of
Professional Regulation

Professional License Services for Military Personnel

This section describes services available to military personnel and their spouses who apply for or hold a Delaware professional license.

License/Permit Continuation for Active Military 

If you are qualified, you may apply to have your Delaware professional license remain active while you are on military deployments. Protection from license or permit expiration under this provision does not void or limit your obligations as a licensee to meet all licensure requirements of applicable law and regulations. For full information, see Application for Continuation of License or Permit During Military Deployment.

Provisional License 

If you are a qualified military member or the spouse of a qualified member, you may apply for a provisional professional license to practice in Delaware for up to six months while your application for a Delaware professional license is pending. For full information, see:

 Military Education, Training or Experience

Delaware law allows professional licensing boards to consider your military education, training, or experience (METE) when determining whether you qualify for a professional license. To give credit for the METE, the Board must determine, based on the proof you submit, that your education, training, or experience is substantially equivalent to the licensure requirements in the law and regulations for your profession. In addition, you must meet all other licensure requirements, such as passing an examination. See 29 Del. C. §8735(p)(6).

Submit a METE request only if you meet all of these conditions:

  • You are a member of the active duty military, National Guard, military reserve, retired military or a military veteran.
  • You are filing a license application at the same time as this request, or you have already filed the application and it is still pending.
  • You believe you can meet the education and/or experience requirements of licensure only if given credit for METE.

For full information, see Request for Consideration of Military Education, Training or Experience.


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