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Applying for a Professional License

RECOMMENDED BROWSERS – The following browsers are recommended when using DELPROS: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. Click HERE for browser download instructions.

When to Apply for a Professional License

Delaware law requires persons and businesses in certain professions to obtain a valid license from the Division of Professional Regulation before practicing in the profession or operating the business in Delaware. The purpose of professional licensing is to establish that the person or business is qualified and meets all requirements to provide services in the profession. Certain events, such as Gaming or Combative Sports events, may also require a permit from the Division.

To find out whether you need a Delaware professional license and how to apply, click on the name of your profession below.  The link will take you to the home page for your profession.  Select the type of license you are interested in from the menu on the left-hand side. If your profession or license type does not appear on the list, it may be one that does not require a professional license or it is handled by another agency.  In that case, click on Related Websites at the bottom of the screen for more information.

Professional License vs. Business License
A professional license from the Division of Professional Regulation is not the same as a business license from the Delaware Division of Revenue.  Most businesses need both to operate in Delaware. For information about Delaware business licenses, see One Stop Business Registration and Licensing.

DELPROS – The New and Improved Way to Apply

The Division of Professional Regulation has a new professional online licensure system called DELPROS (Delaware Professional Regulation Online Services). We strongly suggest that you get familiar with our website and your profession’s licensing requirements before logging in to DELPROS and starting the application or service request process.  Our webpages contain updated instructions on how to apply for a license through our new online portal, as well as profession-specific FAQs, Laws, Regulations, fees, and forms that you may need to upload with your application. When you have reviewed the requirements and feel that you have met or will meet all the requirements for licensure, click on any one of the many links on our website to quickly get to DELPROS and follow the instructions throughout the application process.

There are instructions on each page of your application that will guide you through the process.  The online application conveniently allows you to electronically upload many of your supporting documents directly into DELPROS.  Note that forms requiring a signature, seal or notary must be MAILED into the Board office UNLESS the document specifically indicates to UPLOAD the document.   Third-party forms such as official license verifications and/or transcripts are acceptable when received electronically directly from the State Board or school/institution.  Any mailed documents will be scanned into DELPROS as part of your application.

A Board/Commission may need to review and approve your application for licensure. The Board can only review complete applications.  A complete application includes your application and all documentation submitted through DELPROS and/or through the mail or email from third-parties. Once the application is complete, the Board/Commission will review it at its next scheduled meeting. The meeting schedule is Division available at public meeting calendar.

Fees required to process your application are non-refundable.

More Information About Your Delaware License

When you “submit” your application through DELPROS, you are sent a notification advising you that the Board office has received your application.  Email communications will be sent to you throughout the application process, therefore, it is very important to keep your email address current in our system. You can view the status of your application online. The Division notifies you when your license is approved and you will be able to download, print, or re-print your license as needed.

A license’s expiration date depends on the type of license it is, not on when it was issued. Most professional licenses expire on a specific date every two years, but a few expire every year. For example, all Physician MD licenses expire on March 31 of odd years, but Veterinarian licenses expire on July 31 of even years. The License Renewal page of each profession’s website explains the normal expiration of each type of license in the profession.

Generally, the expiration date on your first license won’t be a full one-year or two-year period. This means that your first renewal will be due sooner than a full license period. For example, if the type of license you’re issued normally expires on January 31 of even years, your first license will expire on January 31 of the next even year even if that date is less than two years from the issue date.

Exception: When your first license is issued less than four months before the next normal expiration date for that type of license, the expiration is pushed out another full license period. For example, if the license type’s normal expiration date is June 30 of even years but your first license is issued in April of an even year, only two months before the next upcoming expiration, your first license’s expiration date won’t be until June 30 of the next even year (two years and two months away).



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