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Division of
Professional Regulation

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Tamper-Resistant Prescriptions

The purpose of tamper-resistant prescription forms is to reduce prescription fraud. The Division of Professional Regulation is responsible for ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements for tamper-resistant prescriptions by registering vendors that manufacture and sell tamper-resistant prescription forms for use by Delaware healthcare practitioners maintaining a Provider Verification System (PVS) that enables vendors to¬†ensure […]

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Prescriptive Authority

General Information To prescribe non-controlled substances in Delaware, you must have prescriptive authority as well as APRN licensure. The APRN application asks whether you are also applying for prescriptive authority. You may apply for prescriptive authority at the same time as you apply for APRN licensure or later on. Prescriptive authority alone does not allow […]

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Controlled Substances

Objective and Function The primary objective of the Controlled Substance Advisory Committee is to promote, preserve and protect the public health, safety and welfare by regulating and monitoring use and abuse of controlled substances. To meet this objective, the Committee: carries out a program of registration, inspection, investigation and¬†education. recommends new/revised rules and regulations and […]

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