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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the tamper-resistant security prescription form be preprinted with more than one prescriber, such as a group practice setting? Do I need more than one security code to purchase combined tamper-resistant prescription forms for group practices, clinics, or institutions? Are tamper-resistant prescriptions required for all prescriptions, narcotics, controlled substances and non-controlled substances? Are prescriptions written by […]

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Provider Verification System

Purpose The Provider Verification System (PVS) enables Registered Vendors to ensure that only licensed healthcare providers and authorized institutions are allowed to purchase prescription forms.   Log In When applying as a Registered Vendor, vendors must list all vendor representatives who will need to use the PVS to process orders.  When the Registered Vendor’s application […]

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Registered Vendors

General Information Delaware law requires all prescribers of any controlled or non-controlled substance to obtain and use tamper-resistant prescription forms ordered only from vendors approved by the Division of Professional Regulation (DPR). DPR considers manufacturers, distributors and printers of tamper-resistant prescription forms to be vendors. Any manufacturer, distributor or printer seeking DPR approval as a […]

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Fee Schedule 

Fees for License Applications Application fees and other miscellaneous fees for this profession are listed below. All fees are now securely processed in DELPROS (Delaware Professional Regulation Online Services). DELPROS has a shopping cart concept, which conveniently allows you to pay for your applications and services at one time or individually with a credit or […]

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Applications and requests for services (referred to as Service Requests) are processed in DELPROS, our online licensing portal. DELPROS provides you with instructions for submitting the forms required to complete a license application or service request. The submission method depends on the type of form. Some forms you can upload directly to your application or […]

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Quick Reference Guide

General Information All written prescriptions must be on tamper-resistant security prescription forms printed by and purchased from a vendor that is registered with the Division of Professional Regulation.  The forms must contain specific security features (16 Del. C . §4797 (c)). Because there is no single format, pharmacists and prescribers need to be aware of the required […]

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Vendor Registration

Businesses That Must Register as Vendors Businesses that wish to manufacture and sell tamper-resistant prescription forms for use by Delaware healthcare practitioners must register with the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation (DPR).  When approved as an authorized vendor… DPR will issue a Vendor ID to the business. DPR will list registered vendors on its website. […]

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