Division of
Professional Regulation

Deadly Weapons Dealer

When to File Application

A business that sells any of the following must obtain a Deadly Weapons Dealer license under 24 Del. C. §901:

  • pistol or revolver
  • stiletto
  • steel or brass knuckles,
  • other deadly weapon made especially for the defense of one’s person.

No one, licensed or unlicensed, is permitted to sell (or offer to sell) a switchblade knife.

The following are not considered deadly weapons for purpose of this licensing requirement:

  • toy pistols
  • pocket knives
  • knives used for sporting purposes and in the domestic household
  • surgical instruments or tools of any kind.

Requirements for All Applications

  • Submit a completed, signed and notarized Application for Deadly Weapons Dealer License.
    • An owner of the business must complete the application form on behalf of the business.
    • If the business is a corporation, firm or association, any officer or director may complete the application form.
  • Enclose the non-refundable processing fee by check or money order made payable to the “State of Delaware.”
  • Enclose a Deadly Weapons Dealer License – Information About Ownership form completed by each owner, officer and/or director of the business. This includes the owner or officer/director who is submitting the application form on behalf the business as well as all other owners, partners, and/or corporate or association officials.

Requirements After License Issuance

After the Deadly Weapons Dealer license has been issued, take the following actions:

  • The required list of employees and the attachments are confidential but must be available at the primary place of business at any time during regular business hours for inspection by any police officer of the State of Delaware or any political subdivision of Delaware, within the officer’s jurisdiction.
  • Complete a criminal background check before hiring an employee and conduct yearly criminal history checks on each employee.  Maintain the checks with the employee’s file.
  • Keep a separate log for inspection on all deadly weapons sales (handguns).

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