Division of
Professional Regulation

Vendor Registration

Businesses That Must Register as Vendors

Businesses that wish to manufacture and sell tamper-resistant prescription forms for use by Delaware healthcare practitioners must register with the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation (DPR).  When approved as an authorized vendor…

  • DPR will issue a Vendor ID to the business.
  • DPR will list registered vendors on its website.


Security Requirements

The purpose of tamper-resistant prescription forms is to reduce prescription fraud.  Rules and Regulations specify not only how the forms are designed and printed but also related security procedures for accessing materials and processing orders. Registered vendors must fully comply with these rules and are subject to unannounced inspection.  The Quick Reference Guide summarizes the rules.

Only the following persons and institutions are authorized to purchase tamper-resistant prescription forms in Delaware:

  • Healthcare practitioners who hold an active Delaware professional license with prescriptive authority (e.g., physicians, dentists)
  • Institutions that DPR has registered to purchase prescription forms on behalf of their practitioners (e.g., hospitals)

DPR will supply Security Codes to all authorized purchasers in Delaware. When placing orders, purchasers must provide their Security Code to the vendor.

Before filling orders, registered vendors must verify that authorized purchasers placed the orders. The Provider Verification System (PVS) assists vendors with the required confirmation.

When applying to DPR for registration, vendors must designate at least two representatives. Only these vendor representatives are allowed to access the PVS. After registering the vendor and its representatives, DPR sends the vendor representatives instructions for using the PVS.   Before filling an order, the vendor representative queries the PVS using the purchaser’s Security Code and other information from the order.



  • Each designated Vendor Representative must complete and sign a Registration of Vendor Representative, which is included as a section of the application.
  • Enclose the non-refundable $250 processing fee by check or money order made payable to “State of Delaware.”
  • Enclose copy of State of Delaware business license issued by the Division of Revenue.
  • Enclose proof of current comprehensive general liability insurance.

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