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Professional Regulation

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Continuing Education and Audit Information

How to Request Continuing Education (CE) Approval To submit a request for a CE course approval, you must use the DELPROS online portal for Service Requests. Go to the Service Request webpage and follow the instructions on how to submit the Service Request. It is important to have all of your course documentation available as […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the application process? How do I get a written license verification sent to another state? How do I change my name or address? How do I apply to become an approved continuing education provider in Delaware? Answers   How long does it take to complete the application process? […]

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Board Members

Jason Kline, D.P.M., President New Castle County Katherine Perscky, D.P.M., Vice-President New Castle County Scott Reich, D.P.M. New Castle County Jennifer Armour, Public Member Sussex County Valerie Lacey, Public Member Kent County

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Fee Schedule

Fees for License Applications Application fees and other miscellaneous fees for this profession are listed below. All fees are now securely processed in DELPROS (Delaware Professional Regulation Online Services). DELPROS has a shopping cart concept, which conveniently allows you to pay for your applications and services at one time or individually with a credit or […]

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Applications and requests for services (referred to as Service Requests) are processed in DELPROS, our online licensing portal. DELPROS provides you with instructions for submitting the forms required to complete a license application or service request. The submission method depends on the type of form. Some forms you can upload directly to your application or […]

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Podiatrist In Training

When to Apply Apply for a Podiatric Physician In-Training license if you are a Podiatric Physician participating in an: in-state Delaware residency program, or out-of-state residency program that has a rotation of 45 days or longer in Delaware. As a Podiatrist In-Training licensee, you are limited to the practice of medicine in the hospital where you […]

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Board of Podiatry

Objective and Function The primary objective of the Delaware Board of Podiatry is to protect the public from unsafe practices and practices which tend to reduce competition or fix prices for services. The Board must also maintain standards of professional competence and service delivery. To meet these objectives, the Board develops standards for professional competency […]

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Podiatrist Licensure

Types of Applications There are two ways to apply for Podiatrist licensure. You may apply by Direct Application or Reciprocity. Which you choose to apply by depends on whether you are currently licensed in another jurisdiction (state, U.S. territory or District of Columbia) and, if so, whether any of the jurisdictions has licensure requirements substantially […]

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Temporary Podiatrist Licensure

When to Apply A Temporary Podiatrist license may be issued to an out-of-state Podiatrist when he or she will be taking charge of the practice of a Delaware-licensed Podiatrist during the Delaware licensee’s temporary illness or absence from Delaware. Temporary licenses are valid for up to three months from date of issuance. If you need licensure […]

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