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Appraiser Temporary Practice Permit

General Information

When a Temporary Practice Permit is granted, you may provide appraisal services only for the assignment identified on the permit.  The term assignment means engagement by a single client to appraise one or more properties in a single appraisal contract.

The requirements for a Delaware Temporary Practice Permit are:

  • The property to be appraised is located in Delaware.
  • The appraiser is currently licensed or certified in another jurisdiction (state, U.S territory or District of Columbia).
  • The appraiser’s business in Delaware is of a temporary nature and is limited to a particular assignment.
  • The appraisal must comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

Temporary practice permits expire six months from the date of issue. You may request an extension by sending a written request to the Council office.


Requirements for All Applicants

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