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License Renewal

Renewal Information for All Pilots

All classes of Pilot licenses, with the exception of Apprentices, expire on November 30th of each year.

Several weeks before the expiration date, a renewal notice will be sent to you. The renewal notice will explain how to access the online renewal application and what items you will need to complete your renewal. If you do not renew before the expiration date, your license will lapse. It is illegal to provide pilot services while your license is lapsed.

It is important that you keep your email address and other contact information up-to-date so that important notices will reach you. To check and update your contact information online, click Change Contact Information.

Vessel Requirement for Renewal

On the renewal application, you will be asked to certify that you have read the current Rules of the Nautical Road and that you have rendered pilot service to at least 52 vessels during the year leading up to the expiration of your license.

Physical Examination Requirement for Renewal

All Pilots, regardless of class, are required to pass a physical examination every year and to submit a Merchant Mariner Physical Examination Report. Your license will not be issued until the Board office receives and reviews the physical examination form.

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