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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for licensure?
  2. Do you have reciprocity?
  3. How long does the licensure process take?
  4. How much does it cost?



How do I apply for licensure?

Answer: River Pilots have a classification process for licensure. You must first apply as an Apprentice Pilot and complete your apprenticeship. You are then able to upgrade yearly until you are a First Class Pilot. The Board only advertises openings and accepts applications for Apprentice Pilots according to the needs of commerce and interests of public safety. When openings do exist, the openings will be advertised in two newspapers of general circulation for at least one week. This website will advise you on when and how to apply in DELPROS, our online professional licensure system. For requirements, see Apprentice Pilot.


Do you have reciprocity?

Answer: No. Delaware does not have reciprocity.


How long does the licensure process take?

Answer: With DELPROS, our online professional licensing system, application processing is very efficient, however, the amount of time it takes varies based on how quickly the application and all supporting documents are submitted and considered “complete”. From the time the application acceptance window closes, the Board must review applications, conduct interviews, and make its final selection from the candidates for the apprenticeship program, the time may take approximately three months.


How much does a license cost?

Answer: See Fee Schedule.

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