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PMP Integration Initiative

PMP Integration

The Delaware Office of Controlled Substances (OCS) is pleased to announce a partnership with Appriss Health to provide interoperability services for all prescribers and pharmacists in Delaware. This service will enable providers to quickly and efficiently access PMP Aware and Narxcare data within their EHR, EMR, or pharmacy dispensing software through the PDMP Gateway® while minimizing interruptions to workflow and patient care.

Currently, prescribers and pharmacists log in to separate systems to query patient data which takes valuable time away from patient care and interaction. This integration simplifies the process by allowing providers to view PMP Aware and Narxcare data directly within their normal workflow without taking any actions. If a provider wishes to see more detail, they simply click on the link provided for instant access.

Integrations must be approved by the PMP Administrator prior to implementation. Providers may apply by following the directions listed below.

The project is funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control awarded to the Delaware Division of Public Health and is available through August 2022. If funding becomes no longer available, licensees will be given the option to continue services at their own expense.

Integration Process

  1. Complete and submit the integration request form.
    1. Please ensure that you identify a primary contact (the person leading the project within your healthcare organization) as well as a contact for your software vendor.
    2. You must complete ALL documents before the Delaware Division of Professional Regulation will review your request. This includes:
      1. The Appriss End User License Agreement (EULA), which will be sent electronically by HelloSign.
      2. The PMP Gateway Licensee Questionnaire, which will be sent electronically by HelloSign. The PMP Gateway Questionnaire is provided to all the PMP State Administrators of the states that your organization requests to query. Each PMP State Administrator uses the questionnaire to determine if your organization falls in line with their state’s stipulations so that they may grant your organization access to their PMP data through PMP Gateway. This document is required to be completed before Appriss can release system credentials to your organization.
  2. Upon fully executed EULA and receipt of all completed documents, an Appriss Health Project Manager will contact you to discuss the next steps.


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