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Professional Counselor of Mental Health – Post-Masters Counseling Experience Requirements

Post-Masters Mental Health Counseling Experience Requirements

When applying by examination, you must arrange for the Board office to receive verification that you have completed the required hours of post-Masters mental health counseling. The following definitions apply to this requirement:

  • Professional Mental health counseling is the application of clinical counseling principles, methods or procedures including the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders to assist individuals in achieving more effective personal and social adjustment. (24 Del C. § 3031(4)).
  • Professional direct supervision is face-to-face consultation, on a regularly scheduled basis, between a supervisee and a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health (LPCMH) or other behavioral health professional approved by the Board. The services rendered must be consistent with the supervisee’s education, training and experience. (24 Del C. § 3031(3)).

You must complete at least 3,200 hours of mental health counseling services over a period of at least two but not more than four consecutive years.

  • Of the required 3,200 hours of total experience, at least 1,600 hours must be completed under the direct clinical supervision of an approved or acceptable supervisor.
    • An approved supervisor is a Licensed Professional Counselor of Mental Health
    • An acceptable supervisor must be Board-approved, which could be a Licensed Behavioral Health Professional (Marriage and Family Therapist, Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Psychologist, Advanced Practice Nurse or Physician) with a specialty or expertise in a clinical competency essential to the applicant’s training.
    • Certified school counselors and certified school psychologists are not approved clinical supervisors.
  • At least 100 hours must be face-to-face professional direct supervision with your supervisor. Face to face supervision includes both in person and live video conferencing. Live video conferencing must not exceed 50 percent of the total 100 hours of supervision.
    • Individual Direct Supervision must be one to one, face to face meetings between the you and your supervisor. The entire 100 hour requirement may be fulfilled by individual supervision.
    • Group Supervision must be face to face meetings between the supervisor and no more than six supervisees. No more than 40 hours of group supervision shall be acceptable towards fulfillment of the 100 hour direct supervision requirement.


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