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Contact Information

Technical Assistance If you need help with any technical issues related to the Delaware PMP system, contact the Appriss help desk. Technical assistance is available from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET (Eastern Time). To contact the help desk… Submit a request to Appriss, or Call toll-free (855) 263-6401

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a licensed healthcare provider, do I have to report unprofessional conduct of my co-workers? If I need help in filing my complaint, is there someone I can talk to about the complaint? Is it possible to not reveal my name to the person about whom I am complaining? Will I have to testify at […]

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Filing A Complaint

RECOMMENDED BROWSERS – The following browsers are recommended when using DELPROS: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. Click HERE for browser download instructions.   When to File a Complaint You may file a complaint with the Division of Professional Regulation (DPR) against a person or business that holds a professional license if you believe that the […]

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Contact an Investigator

To reach an investigator through the Delaware helpline’s toll-free number, you may call (800) 464-4357. Or, you may contact the investigator directly by phone or email.

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Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

The Division of Professional Regulation (DPR) maintains and provides the information on this website for the convenience of interested users. While DPR makes every effort to ensure that the information provided is correct, the error or delay in updating information is possible. Therefore, the State of Delaware, DPR, the licensing boards and commissions and any […]

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Mandatory Reports Related to Child Abuse and Neglect

Delaware law mandates any person, agency, organization or entity to make an immediate oral report to the Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families, Division of Family Services, when they know of, or suspect, child abuse or neglect under Chapter 9 of Title 16 of the Delaware Code and to follow up with […]

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Professional License Services for Military Personnel

This section explains the services available to active military personnel or their spouses who apply for or hold a Delaware professional license. Continuation of License/Permit for Active Military Personnel If you are qualified, you may apply to have your Delaware professional license remain active while you are on military deployment. Protection from a license or […]

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License Rosters

What is a License Roster? A roster is a listing of all license types within the specific profession and which included a license status of active, inactive, or probation. Rosters are created as a CSV file and sent via email. You have the ability to sort the CSV file as you choose. All rosters include […]

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Public Meetings

The professions for which the Division of Professional Regulation has regulatory oversight are listed below. To view public meetings, agendas, and meeting minutes for a profession, select the profession. For the schedule of the Division’s administrative hearings, select Administrative Hearings. For other public meetings, see the statewide Public Meeting Calendar.  

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License Verifications

RECOMMENDED BROWSERS – The following browsers are recommended when using DELPROS: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. Click HERE for browser download instructions. Search & Verify a License Online You can access public professional licensure information for individuals or facilities, including any disciplinary documents that may be on the record. Click on Search & Verify License […]

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