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Landscape Architecture Service Requests

Request a Service (Service Request)

DELPROS offers you the opportunity to submit a license request via a Service Request. The types of service requests available to you depends on whether you hold a Delaware professional license or not.

A Service Request is a request for additional information or a standard change to your application, license, or profile.

IMPORTANT: You must be a registered user with a DELPROS Account to request any type of service.

Registering in DELPROS

Go to the DELPROS online portal, and then click on Apply/Manage a License and Service Requests. As a new user to create an account you must use either of the options below:

  • Select the “I Don’t Have a License” option if you do not currently hold or previously applied for a Delaware license and do not have a login through the portal; or
  • Select the “I Have a License” option if you currently hold or previously applied for a Delaware license.
  • IMPORTANT: You must enter your first name and last name exactly as it appears on your license, along with your security code, to register successfully. Do not use suffixes, e.g., Jr. Sr. III, etc.

After you log in to your Dashboard, click on Service Request in the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Types of Service Requests Available for Landscape Architecture

Important Information: It is NOT possible to save your unfinished request and return to it at another time; therefore you must complete or cancel your request before exiting.
  • Continuation of License or Permit During Military Deployment
  • Inactive License Request
  • License Verification Letter
    • All license holders in ‘Active’ or ‘Probation’ status MUST use the online License Verification service request. Paper requests will be returned.
    • If you DO NOT hold a Delaware License OR you hold a Delaware License in a status other than ‘Active’ or ‘Probation’, you must use the License Verification Request Form to request a written license verification.
  • Name Change Request
  • Manage Affiliations
  • Reactivation of Inactive Licenses
  • Roster Subscription
  • Submit Additional Documentation


For the service requests named above for this profession, there are certain documentation that is necessary to submit.

    • For the name change service request, you will need to submit your legal name change documentation such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or a legal name change document.
    • For the Continuation of License During Military Deployment, you will need to submit your DD-214 documentation from the military branch.

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