Division of
Professional Regulation

Surveyor Intern

When to Apply for Intern Registration

Before applying for registration as a Delaware Surveyor Intern, you must have acquired a combination of education and/or experience under the direct supervision of a licensed professional land surveyor.

The amount of experience you need depends on your education level and the amount of combined office and field experience you have. Use the table below to determine the amount of pre-internship experience required to apply as a Delaware Surveyor Intern.


IF you are applying on the basis of: THEN you need…
College senior or graduate of four-year surveying program None.
Graduate of a four-year related program 2 years
Graduate of a two-year surveying program 2 years
Experience only 5 ½ years


  • The experience cannot be concurrent with your education.
  • Your experience you gain under the supervision of a Maryland-licensed property line surveyor is equivalent to experience under the supervision of a Delaware-licensed land surveyor (24 Del. C. §2708(a)(1)c).
  • If your experience is gained under supervision of land surveyors in any state other than Delaware, the Board must determine whether it is equivalent.  If determined to be equivalent, it will count.


Requirements for All Intern Applicants

Use this application to register as a Surveyor Intern. Auxiliary forms you may need are also included with the application.

  • Enclose the non-refundable processing fee by check or money order made payable to “State of Delaware.”
  • If you are applying on the basis of your education, as explained above, arrange for the Board office to receive an official transcript, sent directly from the college or university, showing your degree and date it was conferred.
  • If you currently hold, or have ever held, a license to practice land surveying—including an Intern registration in any other jurisdiction (state, U.S. territory or District of Columbia)—arrange for the Board office to receive verification of licensure or registration from each jurisdiction, sent directly from the jurisdiction to the Board office.
  • Arrange for each actively practicing Land Surveyor who will supervise your internship to complete, sign and submit the Statement of Supervising Land Surveyor-Internship form.
  • If you are applying on the basis of 5 ½ years experience under the direct supervision of an actively practicing professional land surveyor, arrange for the Board office to receive proof of your Level IV Survey Technician Certification as established by NSPS or similar certification as approved by the Board.
  • Arrange for your supervising Land Surveyor(s) to complete and send a Verification of Land Surveying Experience form(s) directly to the Board office.  The form(s) must document that you have the required pre-internship experience as shown in the table above.


During the Internship

During the entire internship period, Surveyor Interns must practice under the supervision of a licensed Professional Land Surveyor who is actively practicing.  If the supervisory relationship ends, both intern and supervisor must report the change to the Board office within 30 days.

At the end of the supervision period, each supervisor should complete and submit a Verification of Land Surveying Experience form directly to the Board office.

The Log of Intern Experience included with the application helps both intern and supervisor keep accurate records of experience hours.  You will be asked to provide this information later on when you apply for Delaware licensure as a Land Surveyor.

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