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Courses of Study Approved for Licensure

The Delaware Board of Examiners of Nursing Home Administrators has approved the following courses:

  • Institute for Continuing Education & Research www.ceu.org/120-hour Introduction to Nursing Home Administration:
    • Gerontology, Diseases of Aging, Death & Dying
    • The Role of Government in Health Policy & Regulation in LTC
    • Dietary Department & Resident Nutrition
    • Social Services, Family & Community Relationships & Resident Rights
    • The Nursing Department & Resident Care Management
    • Government & Third-Party Reimbursement
    • Strategic Planning, Marketing & Public Relations
    • Rehabilitation Services & Special Care Services
    • Risk Management, Safety & Insurance
    • Fiscal Management, Budgeting and Accounting
    • Licensure/Certification/Accreditation/Surveys & Meeting Other Reg. Requirements
    • Personnel Management & Labor Relations
    • Facility Support Services: Bldg./Grounds, Housekeeping, Laundry & Central Supply
    • Health Support Services: Pharmacy, Medical, Records & Diagnostic Services

    You must provide proof of completion of the 120-hour Introduction to Nursing Home Administration in order to meet the licensure requirement.

  • St. Joseph’s College of Maine¬†www.sjcme.edu
    • LTC 450 Nursing Home Administration
    • LTC 456 Assisted Living Administration

    You must provide proof of completion of both courses in order to meet the licensure requirement.

  • York College of Pennsylvania www.ycp.edu¬†120-Hour Nursing Home Administration Program:
    • General Administration, Organization and Management in Nursing Homes
    • Gerontology, Diseases of the Aging, Death and Dying
    • The Role of Government in Health Policy, Regulation and Reimbursement
    • Fiscal Management, Budgeting and Accounting
    • Personnel Management and Labor Relations
    • Third Party Reimbursement
    • Preparing for Licensure/Certification Surveys and Meeting Other Regulatory Requirements
    • Understanding Regulations, Deficiencies, Plans of Corrections and Quality Assurance
    • Nursing Department and Patient Care Management
    • Rehabilitation Services and Special Care Services
    • Health Support Services: Pharmacy, Medical Records and Diagnostic Services
    • Facility Support Services: Building/Grounds, Housekeeping, Laundry, Central Supply
    • Dietary Department and Patient Nutrition
    • Social Services, Family and Community Relationships, and Patient Rights
    • Risk Management, Safety and Insurance
    • Strategic Planning, Marketing and Public Relations

    You must provide proof of completion of the 120- Nursing Home Administration Program in order to meet the licensure requirement.

The Board also accepts any program that the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) has approved. For information about NAB-approved courses of study, click National Approved Program Search.

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