Division of
Professional Regulation

Apprentice Electrician

General Information

  • To perform electrical services in Delaware, you are required to hold a Delaware professional license as an electrician. Performing “electrical services” or “electrical work” is defined by the Board to mean any activity that is covered by the National Electrical Code (NEC) as adopted by the Delaware State Fire Commission. Examples are provided in Section 1.0 of the Board’s Rules and Regulations Types of electrician licensure include Master, Master Special, Limited, Limited Special, Residential, Journeyperson and Apprentice 24 Del. C. 1408 (a).

    When to Apply

    Apply for an Apprentice Electrician license if you are currently enrolled in an apprenticeship program approved by the Delaware Board or by the Department of Labor of any jurisdiction (state, U.S. territory of the District of Columbia), but you have not yet completed the program’s educational and/or experience requirements.

    • You must enroll in an approved apprenticeship program even if you hold an Apprentice Electrician license in another jurisdiction. The Delaware apprenticeship program may credit experience you gained while a licensed apprentice in another jurisdiction toward completion of your Delaware program.
    • If you have completed all education and experience requirements of an approved apprenticeship program and received your certificate of completion, you may apply for a Residential Electrician, Journeyperson Electrician or other type of Electrician license.


    Requirements for All Applications

    • Enclose one of the following documents to verify that you are enrolled in state-approved, bona fide, registered apprenticeship program, such as a program approved by the Delaware Board or by the Department of Labor of any state, U.S. territory of the District of Columbia:
      • Letter from a school official or program director, on official letterhead from the school, stating that you are currently enrolled in an electrical apprenticeship program, or
      • Apprenticeship enrollment form from the Department of Labor

      Copies of payment receipts or enrollment applications are not accepted.

    • If you have ever held an electrical license in another jurisdiction, arrange for the Board office to receive a license verification from each jurisdiction, sent directly from the jurisdiction to the Board office.

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