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Massage Establishments

When to File an Application

You are required to obtain an establishment license from the Board of Massage and Bodywork for each location where you are operating a Massage Establishment as defined by 24 Del. C. §5302 and Section 12.0 of the Board’s Rules and Regulations. File an application when any of the following occurs:

  • You own an existing unlicensed massage/bodywork business and this is your first application for establishment licensure.
  • You are opening a new establishment.
  • The ownership of an existing establishment is changing (regardless of whether the name is changing).
  • The name of an existing establishment is changing (regardless of whether the owner is changing).
  • The location of an existing establishment is changing.

The establishment may need other licenses and permits (such as, a business license from the Division of Revenue or permit from the town/city where the establishment operates).

When NOT to File

You are NOT required to file this application if you are practicing in any of the following facilities (24 Del. C. §5302 (4)):

  • long-term care facility as defined in 16 Del. C. §1131(4)
  • hospital as defined in 16 Del. C. §1001(3)
  • physician’s office
  • physical therapy facility
  • chiropractic office
  • athletic training facility whether or not they employ, contract with, or rent to massage therapists
  • institution of higher education when a school employee(s) practices massage therapy on its athletic teams
  • currently licensed cosmetology/barbering establishment
  • another business establishment licensed under Title 24 of Delaware law.

Requirements for All Applications

  • Submit completed, signed and notarized Application for Massage Establishment License.
    • No fee is required for this license!
  • Submit completed, signed and notarized Massage Establishment Professional-in-Charge Statement.
  • Enclose detailed floor plan on 8 ½” x 11” paper or blueprints that includes entrances and exits, length and width of establishment in feet, the total square feet and location of restrooms.
  • If the owner is a corporation, enclose a copy of the corporate charter and a statement of the registered agent.
  • Enclose a separate sheet showing the following information for each owner, director, corporate officer, and employee listed on the application
    • Name and Address
    • License Number and Expiration Date

All persons providing professional services in the establishment must hold the appropriate professional license

See the Board of Massage and Bodywork License Law and Rules and Regulations for more information.

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