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Nursing Public Disciplinary Actions

Information on How to Obtain Public Disciplinary Actions for Nursing

Lists of disciplinary actions for professional licensees in the state of Delaware are available through Delaware’s Open Data Portal at no cost. Board Orders associated with disciplinary actions are available in DELPROS’s Search and Verify. Follow the below instructions to obtain public disciplinary lists from Open Data Portal and access public orders from DELPROS.

Open Data Portal Instructions

A complete list of disciplinary actions for all licenses issued by the Division of Professional Regulation can be accessed through the Delaware Open Data Portal. Once you access the list, you can manipulate the data to find the information you desire by using filters. Below are instructions for accessing the list from Open Data Portal.

  • Access the Open Data Portal at:
  • Scroll down and click the Blue box that says Licenses and Certifications
  • Scroll down and click Disciplinary Actions for Professional and Occupational Licensees
  • Click the blue View Data box
  • Use the Blue Filter button to add a profession_id filter. For Nursing, you must type the profession exactly as: Nursing, make sure there are no additional spaces at the end.

This will give you all licensees for the selected profession that have had disciplinary action.

  • Additional filters can be added for other items such as license type, name, disciplinary action
  • There is an Export option to convert the data into an excel document if you choose.

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Viewing and Downloading Public Board Orders

Board Orders related to the disciplinary actions can be viewed by looking up the specific practitioner on the DELPROS website using the following link:

  • Click GO on the tile for Search & Verify
  • Enter the last name, first name, profession, type (license type), and/or license or approval number of the practitioner, then click SEARCH
  • To view any disciplinary history on the license, click ‘Yes’ under the Discipline column.
  • To download the disciplinary document (board order), click ‘View’ next to each document.

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