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Division of
Professional Regulation

Nursing Service Requests

Request a Service (Service Request)

DELPROS offers you the opportunity to submit a license or non-license request via a Service Request. The types of service requests that are available to you depends on whether you hold a Delaware professional license or not.

A Service Request is a request for additional information or a standard change to your application, license, or profile.

IMPORTANT: You must be a registered user with a DELPROS Account to request any type of service.

Registering in DELPROS

  • To apply for a Service Request you must first create your DELPROS user account. Go to the DELPROS online portal, and then click on Apply/Manage a License and Service Requests. If you:
    • are already an existing user, log in with your email address and password under the existing user section.
    • have not yet created a DELPROS user account, click on REGISTER.

After you log in to your Dashboard, click on Service Request in the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Types of Service Requests Available for Nursing

Important Information: It is NOT possible to save your unfinished request and return to it at another time; therefore you must complete or cancel your request before exiting.
  • CE Provider Approval
  • Continuation of License or Permit During Military Deployment
  • Inactive License Request
  • License Verifications (written verifications limitations)
  • Name Change Request
  • Reactivation of Inactive Licenses
  • NCLEX Re-exam Request – See Re-Taking the NCLEX Exam
  • Roster Subscription
  • Submit Additional Documentation
  • Upgrade to Multistate Nursing License – See Multistate Nursing Licensure
    • To request to upgrade to a multi-state nursing license when your license is “valid only in DE”, your primary state of residence must be Delaware and your current Delaware driver license is required.

How to Request Approval as a Nursing CE Provider

Nursing CE Providers must be approved by the Board of Nursing.

Applying as a CE Provider

When applying as a CE Provider, the CE Provider organization must have a Facility account in DELPROS.

  • If the CE Provider already has an account, you as the DELPROS user must associate your user contact to the CE Provider facility account.
  • If the CE Provider does not have a facility account in DELPROS, you as the DELPROS user must create a new facility account.

Follow the instructions for facility registration and management in the DELPROS Registration and Facility Management guide.

After following the instructions in the Registering in DELPROS section above and logging into your dashboard, click on Service Request in the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen. Then, click the Apply for a New Service Request button.

  • Answer NO to the question: “Is your request specific to a particular license or application?”
  • Select the Profession as Nursing
  • Click on CE Provider Approval
  • Answer all of the questions
  • Submit any documentation required
  • Pay fee


CE Providers see Section 9.4 of the Board’s Rules and Regulations for all criteria required by the Board.

You will be required to upload the required documentation directly into the Service Request application:

  • Provide a written narrative that addresses each of the following criteria. Include any required documents mentioned. Describe:
    • administrative authority of the potential provider. Include the job description of the person who is administratively responsible for provider activities.
    • continuing education philosophy, purpose, and goals
    • lines of authority and communication in relation to continuing education. Include organizational charts.
    • plan for faculty selection
    • plan for nursing participation in program planning and/or administration
    • record system used and a procedure to ensure confidentiality and safe storage of course records
    • criteria for planning and implementing continuing education activities
    • criteria for verifying attendance
    • procedure to ensure that participants who successfully complete an educational activity will receive a document displaying an attendance record, number of contact hours awarded, provider name and number, title of presentation, and the date and location for each offering
    • registration procedure(s)
    • evaluation plan that includes:
      • procedure for participant evaluation that includes assessment of the instruction, resources and facilities, and
      • system for following up on suggestions for improvement
  • Describe and include documents from two typical sample course offerings including all of the following:
    • Narrative of the planning of the offerings including evidence of nursing participation
    • Sample brochure or other form of advertising
    • Course content (i.e., topical course outline and objectives)
    • Teaching-learning methodologies and supportive materials
    • Bibliography/reference list
    • Sample participant evaluation form


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