Division of
Professional Regulation

Controlled Substances Registration – Practitioners

These instructions apply to healthcare practitioners other than Physician Assistants, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Optometrists.

General Information

  • You must hold a Delaware practitioner license (e.g., Physician, Dentist, etc.) before your application for controlled substance registration (CSR) will be processed. If you do not already hold a practitioner license, you may apply concurrently for your practitioner license and CSR, or you may apply for the CSR later.
  • If you apply for your practitioner license and CSR(s) at the same time, you should receive your CSR 3-4 weeks after your professional license. Please allow the 3-4 weeks to elapse before calling the office.
  • Your Delaware CSR certificate and all CSR-related correspondence must be mailed to the same address as your professional license.
  • Your first Delaware CSR covers all Delaware locations where you may prescribe controlled substances. Typically, your main practice’s address is the location associated with this registration. However, if you dispense (i.e., give out) and/or store controlled substances for patient administration at any additional locations, you or another practitioner must apply for a separate CSR for each such location. If no other practitioner holds a CSR for a location where you will store/dispense, as well as prescribe, controlled substances, you must file for an additional CSR for the location in Question 13 of the application.
  • When your Delaware CSR is approved, you must then file for a federal DEA registration for Delaware. You need a separate federal DEA registration for each Delaware CSR. You must have both a Delaware CSR and DEA registration for Delaware before you prescribe controlled substances in Delaware.

Requirements for All Applicants

  • Enclose the non-refundable processing fee by check or money order made payable to “State of Delaware.” The total fee depends on how many controlled substance registrations you are applying for. Multiply the fee on the Fee Schedule by the number of registrations applied for in Questions 12 – 13 of the application (not the number of controlled substance schedules in Question 5).
  • Complete the one-hour Mandatory Course training on Delaware law, regulation and programs on prescribing and distribution of controlled substances.

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