Division of
Professional Regulation

Mandatory Course

Who Must Take Mandatory Course

All practitioners who apply for a Delaware controlled substance registration (CSR) must complete a mandatory one-hour course on Delaware law, regulation and programs pertaining to prescribing and distributing controlled substances.

Approved Course

To fulfill the mandatory course requirement, the course you take must contain the curriculum approved by the Delaware Secretary of State. Courses that have not been approved will not fulfill the mandatory requirement.

The Division of Professional Regulation (Office of Controlled Substances) offers the only course that is currently approved. You may download the course material in PDF format at Controlled Substance Mandatory One-Hour Course. Note that this course has no audio.

This course does not qualify for credit as continuing medical education (CME) or any other profession-related contact hours required for maintaining your professional license.

If you have questions about this course, contact the Division at (302) 744-4500 or

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