Division of
Professional Regulation



All applicants, whether applying for licensure by resident internship or by reciprocity, must pass an examination on Delaware law, rules and regulations with a minimum score of 70%.

The examination consists of 50 multiple-choice questions on:

The Board must review your Application for Funeral Director Licensure and all other required documentation before you can schedule the examination. For full information on the application process, see Funeral Director Licensure.

For complete information about the examination, see the Delaware Laws, Rule & Regulations Examination Candidate Handbook. To register online for the examination, see Online Exam Application. To print and mail your exam application, see Paper Exam Application.

The testing service will send your examination results directly to the Board office. Allow two business days for the Board office to receive your results.

Your license will be issued when you pass the examination. If you fail the exam, you may schedule to re-take it.

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